AMD Eyefinity

What is Eyefinity?

AMD Eyefinity Technology is a brand name that actually describes three distinct functions:
Hardware support for three or more monitors attached to a single graphics card
Software support to independently configure and run each of those displays
And software support to combine the resolutions of all those displays into one big resolution.

Eyefinity allows to run multiple displays from a single AMD Radeon Graphics Card. Most common graphic cards will allow you to run up to two displays and Windows Operating System will provide you a standard driver to extend your desktop up to two displays.
With Eyefinity you can go beyond this limitation by supporting at least 3 displays with a maximum of 6 per graphic card *
The biggest advantage is increased productivity as you can run multiple programs simultaneously and workflow is optimized. For example you can drap an image from a file folder to a Photoshop application making it a much less painful experience.

Mixed Resolutions

Not everyone can buy 3 displays that are equal in specifications. Eyefinity allows you to use multiple displays in different resolutions.

This opens up a whole world of new possibilities for many dusty, discarded screens.

What do I need ?

You need to have an AMD Radeon based GPU Graphic Card with at least a single DisplayPort Output and at least 3 Displays. 

Figure 1 shows you an Eyefinity 6 Graphics card with 6 Mini Display Outputs. If you do not have DisplayPort monitors you must use two passive adapters and 4 active adapters to enable 6 displays. 
Figure 2 shows you an Eyefinity 4 graphic cards. If you do not have a DisplayPort monitor you must use an active adapter to enable the 4th display via the DisplayPort Output. Please note depending on the resolution you want on the displayport output by using the active adapter you might require a Single Link Active adapter or a Dual Link Active adapter. 
Single Link Active Adapter supports up to 1920x1200 resolutions. And Dual Link Active adapter supports up to 2560x1600 resolutions. There are also 4K HDMI 3840x2160 adapters available like our CAC-1070
Figure 3 shows an Eyefinity 4 Graphics Card with the exception that has two mini DisplayPort outputs. In this case you require to have two active adapters to enable 4 Displays if you do not have two DisplayPort Monitors.
Figure4 shows an Eyefinity4 graphics card. In case you re using a Radeon R7 260X or a Radeon R9 290 series or above you can create an eyefinity3 Setup which enables 3 simultaneous displays without the need to have activated the DisplayPort Connector. 

Display Configurations

AMD Eyefinity Technology is defined as two or more display groups operating simultaneously and cooperatively with each other.

Windows allows you by default to create an extended desktop up to two displays ( this is placing your task bar across two displays). If you want to create an extended desktop or also known as SLS ( Single Large Surface ) across 3 or more displays, you must use the AMD Radeon Software that comes with the Radeon based graphic card. You can create the Eyefinity configuration by choosing AMD Eyefinity Multi Display.

 * Please check with your GPU vendor if your card can support 6 displays.